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Turning nappy waste into a resource

Every day, 250 million nappies are thrown away around the world.  The vast majority end up in landfills, where they will stay for up to 500 years.That’s over twenty million tons of nappy waste that will wind up in landfills for 500 or more years as they slowly (very slowly) decompose. What if we could change this story, and not only prevent nappies from winding up in landfills, but turn all of that nappy waste into products like soil, power, and fuel. That’s the mission of gCycle.

gNappies - The only Cradle-to-Cradle certified nappy

In 2004 gNappies introduced a two-part system that created an entirely new category of hybrid nappies. gNappies remains the only nappy that can be home composted (wet inserts only) and holds the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certification – ensuring all ingredients in the product get reabsorbed back into nature in a neutral or beneficial way.

gCycle - The world’s first renewable nappy

Transforming nappies into compost was a good start, but not enough. To truly solve the problem gNappies needed to follow principles of Circular Economy Design, where used products are collected and transformed into ingredients for something more valuable: eliminating the very concept of waste. Enter gCycle, the next generation of g’s designed to divert nappies from landfill for good.

gCycle is both a nappy and a service created specifically for daycare centres. The patented petrochemical plastic-free nappies are made of bio-based film designed for maximum breathability.

gCycle Diapers

The gCycle service will deliver, collect, and safely regenerate gCycle nappies into valuable resources like soil, power or fuel. Dirty nappies to clean energy.

gCycle Diaper Service

These nappies will change everything

The gNappies team has been working on gCycle quietly behind the scenes. When it’s ready for launch gCycle will deliver nappies that eliminate plastic, landfill and waste. gCycle is the culmination of years of hard work and passion, and we can’t wait to show you what it looks like. Our journey to bridge the gap between parents and planet and create a solution that is sustainable and simple is just around the corner.


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