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Washing and care

Here's a handy guide to washing and caring for our gPants, Pouches, and Cloth Inserts. For additional care information about our cloth inserts, visit our guides to Cloth Insert Care and Stripping Cloth Inserts.

Washing gPants and Pouches

gPants only need to be washed when they get dirty or soiled, not every time your baby wears them. Here’s how to wash them:

  • Remove the pouch from the gPants.
  • Close the velcro tabs on the gPants so they don’t come undone and snag other bits of clothing
  • Using a detergent of your choice, machine wash the gPants and pouches at 30º.
  • For gPants, line dry (out of direct sunlight) or machine dry.
  • For pouches, air-dry (they'll dry in minutes!).
  • Avoid excessive hand-washing of pouches. No bleach, no vinegar.

Washing Cloth Inserts

Cloth inserts require a bit more specialized care. Here's how to clean them:

  • Wash your cloth inserts separately in the machine at 60º (do NOT wash with gPants and pouches which require a cool or warm machine wash).
  • Use a “cloth safe” detergent — one without enzymes, brighteners, bleach, or softeners.
  • An extra rinse at the end of the cycle will help ensure all detergent is rinsed out of the cloth inserts.
  • Machine dry on medium, or line dry. (A dry bath towel in the dryer with them will help remove some of the moisture and significantly cut down your drying time!)
  • Note: Avoid using barrier cream on your baby if they’re using cloth inserts, as the cream is difficult to wash off and can reduce absorbency.

Storing dirty nappies before washing

If gPants aren't soiled, they can just be put in your laundry basket. But if your gNappies are truly dirty, we recommend a couple options for storing them until wash day:

  • Dry pail method: Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of a dry pail (to help prevent odors) and place soiled nappies in a covered pail (do not pre-soak). A large bucket with a lid works perfectly for this.
  • Wet bag method: This is a waterproof, zipped bag that you fill with soiled nappies. On wash day, dump the contents out of the bag and into your washer, and then throw your wet bag in too!

Avoiding and treating stains

Try to keep in mind that stains are normal when dealing with nappies, and they do not indicate that the nappies aren't clean. However, there are some ways to help keep your gNappies looking like new:

  • A pre-rinse without detergent in warm water can help prevent stains from setting
  • You can also “sun” your pouches and cloth inserts. Laying them out in the sun while wet can bleach them white again, naturally!

Washing detergents

For gPants and Pouches, you can use your choice of detergent - the same kind you use on the rest of your family's washing is fine.

Cloth Inserts, on the other hand, require a little more thought. Here's a guide to washing detergent for cloth nappies:

  • Avoid detergents with added softeners, whiteners, brighteners or enzymes.
  • You should only need HALF the amount of detergent in a cloth nappy load of washing that you would use in a regular load of the same size.
  • Using too much detergent or barrier cream on cloth inserts can lead to buildup, which lessens their absorbency. You can remove this buildup by following our guide to stripping inserts.

If you ever need more tips and tricks on caring for your gNappies, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at info@gnappies.com, or phone us at 0845-304-9807. We’re always here to help!


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