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Getting a Perfect Fit

If your gNappies are leaking there’s a good chance that you simply need an adjustment with the fit. Follow these steps to ensure you’re getting a proper fit on your baby.

Simple Steps to a Perfect gNappy Fit

  1. Put your baby's bottom on the back third of the nappy. If you put your little one on the back half, there won't be enough coverage in front.
  2. When you're ready to close it up, lead with the pouch (not the cloth gPants) and make sure the trim on the pouch is sitting right in the crease of the leg. Think about where your own underwear sits, in the crease where your leg meets your body. The trim of the pouch is what forms a seal around baby, keeping messes contained.
  3. Now pull it up nice and high, maximizing the rise. gNappies have a higher rise than many other nappies and should sit on the natural waistline, not down on the hips. Especially for boys, it's important to make sure there is enough coverage in front.
  4. Gently secure the Velcro tabs around the back. There is no need to stretch or over engage the Velcro. A too-tight fit can lift the trim of the pouch off of baby’s skin, breaking the seal.

Leaks by Location

  • High up on the leg or near the waistband - this signifies that the gPants are being secured too tightly. If the waist is too tight, the trim on the pouch will be nice and taut up around the tummy but there will be gaps underneath all four poppers, leaving that area vulnerable to leaking.
  • Between the legs - the pouch most likely isn't high enough in the crease. This could be because the gPants are riding too low, causing a gap, or because the pouch lining was on the thighs and moved around, again creating a gap or vulnerability.

Leaks with Cloth Inserts

If you have been using Cloth Inserts with success and now they seem to be leaking, you may want to follow our tips for stripping your inserts. You may have nappy cream or detergent build-up that’s inhibiting the absorbency.


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