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The next step: Diverting nappies from landfill for good

March 20, 2018

Kim and Jason Graham-Nye

Kim and Jason Graham-Nye are the parents and entrepreneurs behind gDiapers/gNappies. From the moment they learned of the devastating impact disposable nappies have on our planet, they have been re-inventing the disposable nappy market across the globe.

In 2004 Kim and Jason moved their family from their home in Sydney Australia to the USA to launch gDiapers – the world’s first flushable nappy.

The company offered the first new innovation in disposable nappies in over 40 years – and their two part system created an entirely new category of hybrid nappies.

The world’s only Cradle to Cradle certified nappy

Thirteen years later, gNappies is still the only nappy in the world that can be home composted (wet inserts only) and boasts the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certification – ensuring all ingredients in the product get reabsorbed back into nature in a neutral or beneficial way.

Diverting nappies from landfill for good

The mission continues. Over the last decade, Kim and Jason have watched the sustainable consumer goods category fizzle and relegated to only those who can afford to be green. They knew gNappies’ next innovation had to be more cost competitive. If they were to truly have an impact, they needed a nappy every parent could afford. One day Jason asked “what would we have to do to give gNappies away for free?” The answer was simple: the waste would need to be more valuable than the nappies. This one insight changed the course for gNappies.

The Next generation of g’s - The world’s first renewable nappy

Transforming premium nappies into rich compost and avoiding landfill was no longer enough. They needed to follow Circular Economy Design principles where the used product could be collected, and transformed into an ingredient for something much more valuable: eliminating the very concept of waste.

In short, they needed to make their nappies renewable

Enter gCycle, the world’s first renewable nappy solution. The patented petrochemical plastic-free nappies will be delivered, collected, and most importantly, safely regenerated into valuable resources like soil, power and fuel.

Through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Circular Economy 100 gCycle is conducting a Co-Project to launch the full gCycle solution with 20 nurseries in the UK in 2018. The Co-Project will be testing various conversion technologies with the aim of maximising the value of the waste: the higher the waste value, the cheaper the nappies will be.

If successful, gCycle will disrupt the $20 billion global nappy market, the waste industry, the energy sector and have a massive positive impact on our precious planet. From refugee centres that could use dirty nappies to power gas cooking stoves, to hospitals that could convert nappy waste into electricity, waste to resource fundamentally changes the game.

gCycle is creating a world where nappies will shift from oil based to renewable based; from landfill bound to resource generation; and from a burden on our children to an inspiration in how to re-imagine consumer goods in a circular economy. And if Jason and Kim get their way, these renewable nappies will eventually be free.

Join us!

Kim and Jason know its takes a village to make progress, which is why they want to invite you, our gNappies community to join the gCycle Pioneer Program. A tribe of parents, innovators, disruptors, circular economy enthusiasts, environmentalists, movers and shakers, and all round cool people who are passionate about diverting nappies from landfill for good.

To join is easy, just click here and provide your email.


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