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The hard truth about making g global.

September 14, 2016


“Global” has been a key gWord since our little company began in 2005. Jason and I have dreams of global diaper domination. But turning that dream into a reality isn’t without its challenges.   Currencies, time zones, international supply chains, multiple labeling laws, creative nuances for numerous cultures, and the simple fact of dealing with multiple languages has simply stretched our amazing teams too thin. We have always believed in local teams supporting local customers…but unfortunately we simply are not able to keep it up. If we want to continue to offer g’s to parents around the world, we need to make some critical changes.

In a nutshell, we need to centralize our business in order to simplify it.

This means downsizing our European operations and no longer supporting some local marketing efforts, and local customer service. It means no longer operating our own g webstores in Europe. And the hardest part… it means saying goodbye to our brilliant EU gTeam members who have worked so hard to build our business and community across the pond.  

(note: my use of font size, italics and underline are my best efforts to add emphasis when words don’t seem to convey enough. These mamas have done a phenomenal job!).

These changes are not easy for us, but we believe it is the best way to continue to offer gNappies and gDiapers to European parents.

Our own g webstores will be closing on Sept 20th (enjoy our 25% Off Sale!) but please note that all gProducts will continue to be offered through local retailers across Europe, Germany, France, Spain, and the Nordic countries. We encourage you to support these retailers and continue to share your love of g with new parents in your communities.

We also hope to see all the gMums active and engaged on our global social media channels…coming together as one group (rather then divided out by country).   We have had a few global projects with gMums these past few months and I love seeing the collaborations and connectedness amongst our mamas – regardless of geography.

So as we make these business changes and shift our operations, please help us thank the amazing European gTeam for all their work, their commitment to g and their passion for both babies and the planet. We are forever grateful.


Kim & Jason





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