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gNappies supporting Acorn Overseas Charity Giving Tuesday

November 21, 2014

We’re all familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you know that the Tuesday that follows is an even more special day, with a generous twist? It’s called Giving Tuesday, and it’s the perfect antidote to the hectic consumerism that can take over this time of year.

Peter and SamuelAcorn Overseas Charity for Children is a UK registered charity started in January 2010 by an amazing young woman, Natasha Whiting, to support underprivileged children abroad.

We met Natasha recently when two small babies were left at her orphanage earlier in 2014 and she had no clothing or nappies for them. We sent over some of our gPants, and were delighted to hear, and see in these photos, that all of the other children in the orphanage love them too!  (click here to LIKE and follow baby Peter and Samuel’s progress on facebook)

We hope to continue to support them, and will be asking our gCommunity to send their old unwanted gPants to Natasha, via our various gTeas and events around the country (click here to read about our London event on the 25th November)

acorns overseas 3Acorn Overseas
The aim of Natasha’s charity is to provide these children them with food, shelter and education and to make sure that every penny raised goes directly to them. The main focus of the charity over the past few years has been a small children’s shelter in the north west of Thailand on the Burmese border. There, about 45 children live who have somehow or other escaped the regime in Burma and are looked after by a wonderful christian couple.

AcornOverseas Baby g Camila and Peter
They all have a story to tell; they are either orphaned or abandoned or have been given into the safe hands of the home. This couple look after the children who are aged between newborn and 16 as if they were their own. Thanks to generous donations, clothes sales and other fund raising efforts these children have been given a safe and re-built home in which to live. Natasha knows each child and works hard to try to keep the donations flowing in so that she knows they are alright. She is also open to new challenges where children are involved and hopes that Acorn Overseas can grow and be able to help many more children.

Natasha WhitingAcorn Overseas charity was founded on the belief that all children in society should be able to have access to love, food, shelter and education. Acorn Overseas was created in January 2010 by its founder Natasha Whiting
If you wish to make a financial donation you can do via https://www.givey.com/acornoverseas

Alternatively please send your donations, small gifts, or pre-loved gPants, please post them to

Natasha Whiting at:
The Acorn Achool
Church Street

to contribute to this fantastic organization which is helping babies on the other side of the world.

It might not seem like much, but it is in these simple acts of kindness that we can have such a big impact.

All the best,
Kim and the UK gTeam.

For more information on how gDiapers are working with charities for #GivingTuesday and beyond, please click here.

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