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We are supporting Every Mother Counts

April 17, 2015

We at gNappies are calling on you gParents to show your support for Mums around the world.
**Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. That’s 800 women every day.** – CHRISTY TURLINGTON BURNS [FOUNDER, EVERY MOTHER COUNTS]

Kim and Christy

Kim Graham-Nye and Christy Turlington

My first half marathon in Tanzania last month was beyond awesome – and it had very little to do with running.  Of course the backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro was spectacular.  Of course the folks I was running with were inspirational, not just Christy Turlington Burns and the EMC crew, but the entire running team who raised over $170,000. But my reason for falling in love with running for Every Mother Counts is simple:  It just FEELS AWESOME.  
Let me be more specific.  
Every Mother Counts is working to create awareness around the shocking statistics that one women dies every 2 minutes around the world from pregnancy and childbirth and that 98% of these deaths are preventable.  My running helps them achieve that goal. Result: My small involvement is making a difference, which makes me feel, well…awesome.

EMC TZ15 running team

the EMC TZ15 running team – including Kim on the far right and gDad Josh Bonafis on the far left who completed the full marathon!

Awareness is the first step, action is the second.  Distance is one of the biggest barriers to care for pregnant women.  In some parts of the world, its not uncommon for a mother to walk as far as 26 miles, in labor, to seek emergency care. Through the free app Charity Miles, every mile I run or walk earns Every Mother Counts .25 cents through their corporate sponsors.

I’m running so she doesn’t have to. That’s pretty awesome.
Running the Kili Half Marathon with amazing folks was one thing; seeing how many gPeeps ran in solidarity was a whole other high.  The world felt small (in a really great way). I was amazed at how much that moved me. We were literally all running together, regardless of geography, part of this global community:  And that sense of connectedness was beyond AWESOME.
Christy is getting ready to run the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 26th to raise awareness and support for Every Mother Counts.  I won’t be joining her in London, but I absolutely plan on running in solidarity that weekend.
Of course, if anyone else is inspired to get out there and run or walk next weekend – with other gMums and gDads or on your own, then join us…the more the merrier!

new solar suitcase

Christy and Clancy teaching the team how to use their new solar suitcase. For the first time, they will be able to deliver babies at night with light!

1.    Download the Charity Miles App and select Every Mother Counts (For every mile you run/walk, 25 cents will be donated to EMC and will go directly to support programs around the world that link mothers to providers of essential care.
2.    print off our Every Mother Counts Badge and pin it on your jacket, stroller, etc.
CLICK HERE to download to PRINT 

Every-Mother-Counts-Badge3.    Run/walk April 25th or 26th
4.    share a photo on social media with #EveryMileEveryMother
5.    enjoy the warm feeling of awesomeness

**Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. That’s 800 women every day.** – CHRISTY TURLINGTON BURNS [FOUNDER, EVERY MOTHER COUNTS]
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Donate to EMC
Follow Christy’s countdown to London at apple.com


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