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It’s time for your gPants design to shine!

May 20, 2015

Your dream gPants, made by us, designed by you.

design-contest-some-ukIt’s been 10 years since we debuted the gNappies brand with our first ever gDiapers gPants.  We have done everything from our early classics like grateful red and great orange, to the more hip glam black and grubby knees grey. As we grew, we added more colours and limited edition prints like the highly sought-after gCycle.

We now have 99 gPants to our name, and we have our community to thank. Without the support of our gMums, gDads and parents who have shown us that we can build a better world, one nappy change at a time, we might still be outfitting babies in just red and orange. So as a thank you, we’d like to invite you, our talented and creative community, to help design the 100th pair of gPants.

contest-details-graphicGet Colourful & Creative

Submit your gPants design ideas using the attached Entry Form.  Enter as many designs as you like between now and June 10th.  The 100th pair of gPants will be featured in our Spring 2016 collection. Our only request is that your design reflect the gNappies brand in a way that speaks to you and to our community, so let your creativity shine!

On July 1st we will select a winner from all entries received. The winner will become a featured guest designer and will join us in creating the 100th pair of gPants. This lucky winner will get to come behind the scenes and be part of the entire process, including naming the design and helping with the photoshoot. Who’s it gonna be? What will the design look like? We have no idea! But we’re pretty geeked out about seeing your ideas.

Design Requirements

In spirit, the sky is the limit, but there are a few requirements that come into play that will have an impact on whether your design is a winning contender.  So please bear the following in mind:

  • The base colour needs to be one of our core 6 colours(Good Fortune Red, Great Orange, Good Morning Sunshine, Guppy Green, Gigabyte Blue, and Goddess Pink) or Gauze White.


  • The design must be limited to 4 printed colours (or fewer).
  • Embellishments on gPants need to be safe for babies. If it is sewn on and can fit through a toilet paper tube, then we can’t use it (ie. buttons, bows, tassels).
  • These gPants will need to follow the gNappies standard washing & care instructions (machine wash warm & tumble dry low).
  • The design can’t restrict the stretch or performance of the gPants.
  • The design can’t change the inside of the gPants.
  • The design needs to include our signature ‘g,’ but location, size, material are all up to you!

Want to up your chances? Here are a few more things we consider in our gPants designs:

  • What season and events coincide with the collection (Spring includes Earth Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day)?
  • What’s the gNappies interpretation of current design trends?
  • How will this design wash and wear over time?
  • How does the design fit with what we have done in the past?
  • Will this design work for both newborns and two year olds?

Fill in the entry form and design template PDFs here (link to forms) and submit together to enter the contest. Note: each design requires its own entry form.enter-now

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!
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