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Newborn Photography Tips

September 9, 2015

This week we are focusing in on Newborn Photography. If you have a child you will know that those first newborn days are so precious, but also so fleeting. With current camera and smartphone technology in mind, we asked some of our favourite instagrammers for their top tips – leading the way with Ruby @RubyDiamonds at saltandsand.co.uk who started this whole thing off with this beautiful photograph… newborn photography

Ruby says: “When photographing newborns whether it be with a big camera, point and shoot or your phone, you need to keep it simple. Try and think of one idea you would like to achieve before starting, it could be a lovely profile shot or something specific such as your newborn in his/hers first reusable nappy. Once decided then stick to that idea and any other shots you get will be a bonus. Babies are unpredictable but if you try these simple steps it can make it a little easier to get the shot you want.

  • Feed baby 15-20 mins before a shoot
  • Have all outfits, nappies, muslins and blankets ready to hand
  • Pick the best room in the house with the most natural light, nearer the window the better.
  • If its a colder time of year then definitely warm the room first!

So here on the shot focusing on the beautiful nappy, I laid baby on his front and held my hands beside him until he stayed calm and relaxed enough to feel secure enough on his own. The ‘ Above shot ‘ is the best angle so you get all the nappy in view, I stood over him to get his full body. If you can adjust focus on your camera then focus on the nappy alone then the rest of the photo will be slightly out of focus giving a soft look. I used a Canon 650D, 50mm Lens, f3.2, shutter 160 & ISO 200.

The best newborn shots are taken within 7 days of birth, when baby is at its sleepiest, just fed and in a relaxed environment. I hope this helps a little and shows you can easily get some fabulous shots of your new addition to the family without a professional photographer!”

Here’s some more great tips (and examples) from:

Claire Stuart – instagram.com/thislittlehouse_
“I just love hands and feet shots of little ones whilst being held by a parent or loved one. It really highlights just how tiny, new and precious they are”thislittlehouse-newborn

Rebecca Kiff – instagram.com/@rebecca_kiff
“I like taking photos from above with babies too, lying on a nice blanket” – and don’t forget Daddy :)

Emily Hogarth – @emilyhogarth
“I like to take photos directly from above with newborns, placing them on a nice quilt”

Sally Fazeli – @sallyfazeli
“Afternoon naps or mid morning naps were my perfect time to pap Hugo and still are actually. They look so angelic and especially when they start being on the move its the only time I get a pic without him moving”

Rebecca Emery –  @_rebeccaemery
“I found the changing mat a great place to take a good photo of my Fern with the white background and she loves to be there so is generally happy!”

Roberta Cotter – @robertacotterphotog
“My main piece of advice I usually give to families, as a newborn photographer, is to keep it simple and keep it real, looking back on photos in 10, 20 years time of your family looking how they didn’t really look ie dressed up, or posing stiffly won’t give you half as much joy as having photos of real moments and emotions”

thank you, you gorgeous mamas and babies – we’ve really enjoyed scrolling through your instagram feeds – feeling very inspired now!

So to recap!
1 – Keep the Baby Happy

A sad baby makes for a sad picture. A happy baby will make it easier to capture the joy but will also give you more variety. Every baby is different but keeping them happy is key for a relaxed photo shoot – if it’s not working, don’t stress, try again later.

2 – Switch it up

Don’t just stay inside. Get out there in the natural light with your newborn and we guarantee you will get some amazing shots. Go for a walk or into the garden and bring your camera to capture that special moment.

3 – Wait until they are asleep

Newborns can be a real hassle to picture when they are awake. Sometimes you just have to wait until they are asleep to get the picture you’re looking for. We recommend photos of their hands next to yours so in the future you can put into perspective how small they really were. Best done when they have nodded off!

4 – Get in the picture

Include yourself, and your partner – simple as that. Capturing the moment your child falls asleep in your arms looks adorable. Get your older kids or partner to take the picture. Memories in the making right there.

5 – Be patient and flexible

Newborns are difficult. They wriggle and mew, making it hard to get the shot you want every time. Patience is key. Their newborn days are short so it may take hours to get those perfect pictures. Be patient, try new things and don’t force anything. At the end of the day the baby is the boss. (oh how true that is!)

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