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Three reasons for nappy rash and how parents are avoiding them

June 1, 2016

Nappy rash is a pain—for everyone. And finding the right remedies is a lot of guesswork. But the answer may not be to change your baby more often (though that’s certainly the first thing to try). Here are three more things to consider:

  1. 1. Latex sensitivity: gNappies are latex-free and have become a great solution for babies with latex allergies. 

We discovered when our daughter was 8 months old that she has a latex sensitivity. We began buying latex-free nappies, which are hard to find and VERY expensive. I took our issue to a Facebook moms group, and one mom offered me a starter stash of gNappies. Not only did her rash clear up in only a few days, she cried less and was all around happier.
—gMum Tia 

2. Lotions & Potions: Disposable Inserts are lotion- and fragrance-free (two common additives in traditional disposable nappies).

 When my son came home from the hospital, I had lots of disposable nappies. But from day one, I noticed they left him with a reddish irritated mark in the shape of the nappy. It was irritating that the nurses and doctor said to plaster him with lotions to make a barrier. While I am not against using lotions, I don't think I should have to do that with nappies. But even with ointments, his skin was super irritated. My husband suggested gNappies, and within two or three nappy changes, the irritation was GONE! Without the use of ointments.
—gMum Ruth

 Disposable Inserts have been a blessing for my daughter, my busy schedule, and my flower garden! They are quick and easy on her bottom as well as my compost bin.* I have tons of ointment that have gone unused!
—gMum Caroline

(*Wet ones only)

3. Non-breathable materials: Traditional disposable nappies have a nonporous, plastic layer, but gNappies pouches are made with breathable, water-resistant nylon.

 "My little guy has very sensitive skin, and breaks out in a terrible rash with any other nappy. The gNappies Disposable Inserts have been a lifesaver. It's the perfect combo for my family, as I prefer cloth nappies and my husband prefers disposable nappies."
—gMum Tess

So next time you’re stumped why your baby is frequently red all over, consider this your checklist. And check here under “Contents and care” for more information on why gNappies is good for your baby’s skin. Or even give us a call for advice!


What’s your experience with nappy rash? Do you have any advice to share below?

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